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Michael Aldridge July update

Posted by Connor Ratcliffe on July 14, 2016. 0 Comments

Well, 2016 is certainly proving a difficult year so far with injuries. Perhaps I can expect this at 42 years of age but hopefully I will be ending the year on a positive note and discussing the art of balancing training and injury.....

I got the race season off to a decent start by winning the Silverstone half marathon. A win that had given me immense satisfaction as I was raising money for MIND following the sad loss of life of an old school friend Graeme. It was perhaps the most emotional win I had ever had.

Training leading up the race had been going ok but I certainly didn't feel really 'sharp' and I remember being very cold standing on the start line. I wasn't sure if I felt ill and I certainly wasn't feeling that inner confidence that I had felt in the last 12 months.

However, I settled into the race and although it was breezy and reasonably undulating I controlled the race and pulled away in the final mile to win in just outside 1 hr 13. It wasn't a quick time but I was happy with winning without having to really push myself too much.

The next focus was the start of the East Midlands grand prix.

Again, I didn't feel that training was quite as I wanted but I had got myself into reasonable shape. I tried to go with a very fast lead pace and ran the first 2 miles well under 10mins and went through 5k in around 15.40 - the rest of the race was a case of hanging on and I suffered in the final stages crossing the line 32.24.

Then came the problems. The following week I ran the Bedford 6 and felt exhausted and well below par. The week after I was out for a gentle run and suddenly my knee gave way and I experienced an excruciating pain behind my left knee.

Diagnosis and physio followed and then associated problems with my left ITB and hamstring. I was in agony and feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Weeks went by and all I could do was stretch and do core exercises and a bit of swimming.

This brings me to now. I have stretched, followed a rehab programme in the gym and I'm back to training.

My first Parkrun was a struggle in 16:30 but it's the start of my next phase of running and an attempt to make the England masters team later in the year. I really need to be getting down to sub 15:30 for 5k !

I have completed 3 weeks of 'easy' running and am now ready for some hard work.

My focus race is now a half marathon in September where I really want to break 70 mins (around 5.18 per mile).

So the plan now for those that follow training programmes is:

Monday: easy running for 6-8 miles (at around 6.50/7.00 min per mile)
Tuesday: 3 X 2 mile reps off 3 min recovery @ 10k pace
Wednesday: as per Monday
Thursday: 4 X 1 mile reps off 2 min recovery @ 5k pace
Friday: as per Monday
Saturday: tempo run starting at 4 mile adding a mile every 2nd week (5.30 per mile)
Sunday: 60/75/90 min run alternating each week

Alternative to Tuesday's and Thursday's are 1k reps or 800m reps @ 3k pace

I will race a few 5k and 3000m on the track to get the speed work in but mostly I will be focussing on speed endurance and a few more miles in the week

In the meantime, many thanks to Connor and the Running Shop for providing me with new trainers and dietary protein supplements

I will update in a few weeks !


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