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Tom Flavin is back

Posted by Connor Ratcliffe on February 27, 2016. 0 Comments

It has been almost 8 months since I last wrote a blog and i was on a huge high after completing Ironman UK, since then i have not done a lot. When i say this, i really mean it, about a month after race day i was still training a fair bit and was actually looking for my next Ironman to do. Then, when I hadn't entered anything i got a little lost because there was nothing to train for. I was playing around with a few ideas but nothing really hyped me up the same way Ironman first did. It came around to Christmas and i was hardly training at all, especially not on the bike, i sometimes swam in the river with Girls Tri 2 Swim and absolutely loved it, even though it actually hurt to get in due to the cold! My main focus was just having fun with everything so i ran a fair amount as well and was really enjoying it, then came another silly idea for another silly race. The person responsible for inspiring me to complete an Ironman is also the darn person who has given me the idea to go for a double Ironman, you know who you are! June 2017 is the date, and for anyone that doesn't know, this race is a continuous double and consists of a 4.8 mile swim, 232 mile bike and then a double marathon (52 miles).

I will probably blog more about that when i start my proper training in May time, so at the moment I have entered another event that interested me, as a friend from Nottingham is competing in it and asked if i wanted to join him. It isn't a triathlon but an ultra marathon. This is a 40 mile ultra and starts in Sherwood forest so is very convenient for me as i am at university near there. The race is on May 14th and i'm already about a month into training, this brings my weekly mileage at the end of this week to around 35-40 miles. I complete a few shorter runs in the week varying from 2 to 6 miles and then on a Saturday I will complete a long run, this weekend being 18 miles. On Sunday i will do another long run but shorter than the previous, this weekend is 10 miles, totalling 28 miles in 2 days and this increases about 2 miles a week. After researching into ultra running and asking some of my friends who have done them, back to back running sessions are the best way to train as it dramatically reduces the risk of injury but you are still training on tired legs, therefore simulating the race experience.

I am now also at the stage where nutrition is needed for training runs, I usually take a running pack with a bladder that contains some carb drink, and I have totally changed my plan from Ironman which was mainly based around energy gels, now I will be using sausage rolls and pork pies! It sounds strange however it's proven to work well for me so far and I know many people who use this same sort of nutrition. For me the best way to eat the food has been to have a brisk walk while taking it on and also drinking lots while eating as this has helped to wash it down. This strategy is working well for me, and so far i've had no problems. The friend who asked me to enter has also become my training partner and we do all of the long runs together, after last year of doing most of the training alone this was very welcome! The miles tumble down if you have someone next to you that you can talk to, compete with and even learn from. I will now always try to find someone to train with now as it makes everything so much easier, especially if i am going to be doing some ridiculous training sessions for the double.

At the moment i am still not really doing much triathlon wise, i haven't swam or cycled consistently for around 3 months, but this has been quite nice as i want to be fresh for when i start training for the double. I will slowly bring them back in the next few weeks so that i have some fitness for when i begin the plan. As of now i'm still trying to plan how to fit all of the training in for next year as i will be in full time work for a placement, so when i have all of that sorted i can begin properly training for the event. I’m glad to be back blogging and should have a lot more to say next month as training is really starting to ramp up.

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