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Michael Aldridge July update

Posted by Connor Ratcliffe on July 14, 2016. 0 Comments

Well, 2016 is certainly proving a difficult year so far with injuries. Perhaps I can expect this at 42 years of age but hopefully I will be ending the year on a positive note and discussing the art of balancing training and injury.....

I got the race season off to a decent start by winning the Silverstone half marathon. A win that had given me immense satisfaction as I was raising money for MIND following the sad loss of life of an old school friend Graeme. It was perhaps the most emotional win I had ever had.

Training leading up the race had been going ok but I certainly didn't feel really 'sharp' and I remember being very cold standing on the start line. I wasn't sure if I felt ill and I certainly wasn't feeling that inner confidence that I had felt in the last 12...

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Tom Flavin training diary part 2

Posted by Connor Ratcliffe on April 09, 2016. 0 Comments

Month 2 of blogging and I'm almost at the peak of training for the ultra marathon in may. This month has been a bit of hit and miss with regards to running, I've had various things happen in my life causing distractions or inability to train, but everyone experiences this and it's being able to get back to work even with all of this on your mind and juggling everyday life. I try my best to be as organised as I can and fit everything in but most of the time it doesn't work out, so I now try to go with the flow.


This brings me onto a topic which lots of people lose countless nights sleep over, as I know I have done in the past and that is sticking word for word to your training plan. These gospels we follow to the letter in the hope that...

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Tom Flavin is back

Posted by Connor Ratcliffe on February 27, 2016. 0 Comments

It has been almost 8 months since I last wrote a blog and i was on a huge high after completing Ironman UK, since then i have not done a lot. When i say this, i really mean it, about a month after race day i was still training a fair bit and was actually looking for my next Ironman to do. Then, when I hadn't entered anything i got a little lost because there was nothing to train for. I was playing around with a few ideas but nothing really hyped me up the same way Ironman first did. It came around to Christmas and i was hardly training at all, especially not on the bike, i sometimes swam in the river with Girls Tri 2 Swim and absolutely loved it, even though it...

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What are shin splints and what can I do about them?

Posted by Rebecca Kirk on June 27, 2014. 0 Comments

Shin splints is a generic umbrella term that can encompass a few different ailments. These can include stress fractures, muscle sprains and tendonitis. But we will focus on the two main culprits of ‘shin splints’.

Compartments Syndrome
Compartments syndrome occurs because the lower leg is divided into compartments. There are four compartments in the lower leg, anterior (at the front of the shin), lateral (on the outside of the shin), Superficial posterior and deep posterior (at the back of the shin). The compartments are actually divided by fascia (a thick strong fibrous tissue) this fascia will have some give, but is tough and therefore wont stretch and expand too much. This is were the problems can arise.

When muscles are put under increased demand and use (by running for example) the muscles swell and expand. Due to each compartment only having a finite amount of space, if the muscles swell...

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