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Why choose us?!
Running shoes are the most important purchase you can make, you get what you pay for and its certainly worth investing a bit of time into finding the best pair for you. We are always happy to help and give advice. We use a research based framework called the foot posture index (find out more about this here: ) We use this as a starting point to give us an idea of foot type, structure and subsequent function. We then use a couple of simple functional tests and walking gait to give us an overall picture of how the foot is functioning. From here we recommend a shoe that is fit for purpose and a category of shoe. We then help you find the most comfortable and best fitting shoe, in the correct size, which can only be done by trying shoes on.
We feel so strongly that the best and only way to buy running footwear is to try on shoes and get fitted correctly, to find the appropriate style and size of shoe; that we do NOT sell online through our website. We are stockists of Asics, Brooks, Mizuno and Saucony running shoes and spikes. For more details on our full range that we hold in store please phone, email or visit us in store.

Please come and visit us we will be pleased to help you with all your running needs.



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